Here are a few words of praise from our customers:

Hi Louise
  Newman is the best, he fit right into our family and is a real love, unbelievably smart. He's adorable and gets along great with his sister. He can already sit, stay shake hands and lay down. We will keep you updated on his progress.
Caroline  NY.

  Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner but the puppies, Samantha and Frankie do keep me busy. They are delightful and so very bright, I am amazed at their ability to grasp things so quickly! They love the water-be it their bowl or the Creek. They are great breed of dog and they are certainly keeping me constantly amused. Thank you so much for the Twins.

Hello Louise
  Lorenzo is adjusting perfectly, we adore him and he is very very happy and smart, he even became friends with our Gordon setter, thank you for such a wonderful addition to our family.
Janette FL.

Hi There Louise
   Just wanted to let you know how well Charlie is doing. Vet check was good and he
is just busy being a puppy. He is already housebroken, he is in our bed at night
because that is where we want him, my husband loves him there, he's a wonderful dog
and we're very happy. Thank you for raising such a wonderful companion.
Nick FL.

   Wrigley is already sleeping through the night Hoo-ray!!!! He Is the Best
Suzanne FL.

Louise and Frank
   Bristol is now a CGC certified puppy at only nine months old and is scheduled to read
to kids at the library September 26. He's such a mellow, loving, amazing pup who
comes along once in a lifetime.
Susan and Jack FL.

Hello Louise
   Just wanted to keep you up-to-date on how Olivia is doing. She goes to work with me everyday and my co-workers just love her to pieces, you were so right, she is a four-legged human being, she gets along with everybody, learns quickly, and my daughter can't get along without her. Thank you for breeding such a wonderful addition to our family.
Rebecca  FL.

   Penny is doing great, my grandson couldn't take her so I guess she is mine to keep. They just keep getting better, with her being the third puppy from 
you. They all get along so well and love swimming in the pool. I will keep in touch and send pictures.
Frank M.  FL

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